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The Archbishop Carter Foundation Fellowships shall have a governing Board of Trustees appointed by the Society of Jesus In Jamaica. This Board shall govern and manage the funds invested, award fellowships based on established criteria, establish relevant and appropriate professional relationships with institutions and organizations, receive and act on reports of the Foundation. The Board of Trustees of the Foundation Fellowships shall consist of seven members:

* A Jesuit named by the Jesuit Regional Superior or the Superior himself, who shall be familiar with the work and values of Archbishop Carter, and shall be Chairman of the Archbishop Carter Foundation Fellowships Board of Trustee
* One member from the faculty/administration of the University of the West Indies.
* One member from any other institution of higher education in Jamaica or the English speaking Caribbean.
* One member nominated by the Jamaica Council of Churches or an individual representing its interests.
* The donor of the Foundation Fellowships or his representative.
* Two members at large representing the professions.


The Board of Trustees of the Archbishop Samuel E. Carter Foundation Fellowships shall at all times keep accurate records of all its deliberations, its Fellowship Awards, all expenditures and any and all relevant documents.

The Trustees shall consider the $1.2 million to establish the Fellowships as an initial contribution. Every effort shall be made to solicit funds from friends of Archbishop Carter, and from organizations and anyone touched by his life who may wish to help promote his good works.


Most Rev. Donald J. Reece, D.D., O.J., Archbishop Emeritus of Kingston, Chairman, 2010-
Most Rev. Lawrence A. Burke, S.J., D.D., O.J., Archbishop Emeritus of Kingston, Chairman, 2008-2010

Rev. James Webb., S.J.
Regional Jesuit Superior
Chairman, 2003-2008


* Most Rev. Donald J. Reece, D.D., O.J., Archbishop Emeritus of Kingston, Chairman of the Board.
* Most Rev. Kenneth D. Richards, D.D., Archbishop of Kingston, ex-officio
* Mrs. Aloun Ndombet-Assamba, Attorney at Law
* Mrs. Grace Baston, Principal, Campion College & Vice Chairman
* Mrs. Andrea Hitchener, High School Teacher, ICHS, and first Carter Fellow
* Ms Hazel Keating, Principal Emeritus, St. Joseph’s Teachers College, Associate Secretary of the Board
* Most Rev. Burchell McPherson, Bishop of Montego Bay
* Mrs. Maureen O'Connor, Management Consultant
* Dr. Anna Perkins, Professor and UWI Administrator
* Dr. Swithin Wilmot, Professor and Dean
* Mrs. Colleen Vendryes, Attorney at Law.
* Dr. Joseph A. Woolcock, Professor and Secretary of the Board



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